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Project Summary
Doori is an app all-in-one service to help replace the need for a doorman with a phone app. It is designed to alleviate the struggles of finding an efficient way to contact people in their building, ensure that they are safe, and know that their packages are secured.
Design a responsive virtual doorman app that allows the user to feel safe with our security, connect with their super and neighbors, and personalize their options on the app.
Researching, Ideating, Wireframing, Prototyping
8 weeks
My Role
UX/UI designer
Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop

Outlining the problem

Young professionals do not have a streamlined way to connect with their superintendent and neighbors. They also lack transparency when it comes to security and confirmation of packages in their building.

User Research

Target Users

Our target audience is 26-40 years old who live in luxury buildings.

User Research

Competitive Analysis

To learn more about the current design systems and user flows in the virtual concierge space, I discovered 4 applications that served as key sources of inspiration to develop Doori.


Video demo right off the bat on the website, making it clear how the product is used.

Case studies verify the app's credibility.

The app is easy to use for both residents and managers.

Entry logs, audit trails, PMS integrations, and more for property managers.



Connects with delivery companies to ensure your packages arrive safe and sound.

Personalized service to book flights, hotels and car service.

The website is easy to navigate and is not overwhelming for users.

Customizable features for users.

The colors and typography feels friendly and safe.



Has many services for both management and the residents.

Interface is not clear and concise for the user.

Not everyone can download the app.

Residents do not have a way to connect with neighbors.

Users can book different concierge services which alleviates the stress for residents.

Residents cannot access remote camera viewing, only management can.


Virtual Doorman

Has many features for both residents and building managers.

The app interface is difficult to navigate and users says it keeps crashing.

Remote operators on call.


Feature Prioritization Chart

It's important to prioritize features because I had a limited amount of time and too many potential features.


MoSCoW Map

MoSCoW Map


Empathy Map


Sketching out ideas

What is our solution?

Create an app where residents can access security camera, collect their packages, send visitor codes, contact management/ landlord, and connect with their neighbors.

Creating the user flow


Design system and branding

I built a design system to ensure the interface was cohesive throughout the product. Typeface and colors were chosen to have a friendly, safe, and convenient feel.




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